Science in the News

Mike Meetz and Sam Wormley team up to provide a lively
discussion with OLLI members about recent weeks' science in
the news. Here are links to relevant science articles. A
deep understanding in the sciences is not required to share
and discuss each week's science articles.

BATTERY TECHNOLOGY (Recommended by Peter Hallock) Cooling Technique Developed for Space Use Makes Charging Electric Cars on Earth Quicker and Easier Battery Tech Breakthrough: 10-Minute Charge Time Paves Way for Mass Adoption of Affordable Electric Car NASA's Solid-State Battery Research Exceeds Initial Goals, Draws Interest A Hidden Flaw - Unlocking Better Batteries for Electric Vehicles A New Concept for Low-Cost Batteries - Made From Inexpensive, Abundant Materials Solid State Batteries - Autumn 2021 mass production in Japan. Is it FINALLY happening? (14 min)

IN THE NEWS Sabine shares her take on the week's News 'Killer Robots' Are Already Here. They Just Don't Look Like You Think Gravity Is Still Shaping Earth's Surface From Deep Within, New Study Finds Astronomers Think They've Developed an 'Early Warning System' For Supernovae Quantum Entanglement Has Now Been Directly Observed at The Macroscopic Scale Why did he suspect a COVID surge was coming? He followed the digital breadcrumbs

Popular Topics David Kaplan is not an Expert (2+ min) Alan Lightman On Richard Feynman's Amazing Mind, Or How "Hawking Radiation" Could Well Be "Feynman Radiation" (6+ min) Brian Cox Explains Why Time Travels In One Direction (5+ min)