An Illustrated Guide to Relativity

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 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Iowa State University
 An Illustrated Guide to Relativity -- Fall Catalog 2012


 This course is based on the book, An Illustrated Guide to Relativity, by
 Tatsu Takeuchi, of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,
 a delightful book that uses simple space-time diagrams to visualize
 and teach the basic features of special relativity. This is done so
 well that the material can, in principle, be learned directly from the
 figures and annotations without referring to the main text at all.

   o Week1 - Minkowski Diagrams
   o Week2 - Inertial Frames of Reference
   o Week3 - Non-Inertial Frames of Reference
   o Week4 - The Concept of Simultaneity
   o Week5 - Time Dilation and Lorentz Foreshortening
   o Week6 - Twin Paradox
   o Week7 - General Relativity and Black Holes
   o Week8 - General Relativity and the Global Positioning System

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