Managing Your Digital Stuff - Slow Computer/Phone/Tablet

The major resources for Computers/Phones/Tablets are 
  1. CPU (heart/brain of your device)
  2. GPU (graphics and display)
  3. Operatonal Memory (where running apps and program reside)
  4. Storage Memory (system files, your files, paging memory)
  5. Network Connectivity
As devices age, battery capacity decreases, but the hardware
generally does not degrade. However, newer versions of the
operating system (OS) and updated apps and programs will
likely demand more of the above resources (and may not be

Furthermore, neglecting updates, maintenance, poor
housekeeping, and inefficient use of devices will diminish
user experience. 

If your Mac runs slowly (article applies to most devices)   

Contributing factors can include:
  o the computer/phone/tablet is old and needs to be replaced
  o the computer/phone/tablet is infected  :-o  
  o lack of maintenance and updates
  o internal storage (HD) doesn't have enough free space
  o not enough memory to handle your programs and apps
  o too many programs, apps, processes running simultaneously
  o too much digital cruft/stuff
  o poor internet connection or service

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