Managing Your Digital Stuff - Connectivity (Internet)

What's My Apparent IP Address and ISP?

Test Bandwidth  (IPv6) (VPN)
Download Network Tools   
Test Firewall

IPv6 Address Types
IPv4 Address Types

Required Bandwidth for Zoom  

Required Bandwidth for Netflix 

Remember--You are sharing bandwidth with other Programs and 
Apps running on your devices and other family members using
their devices on the same network.

If you have a connectivity issue you can dig a litte deeper with these resources: Managing Your Digital Stuff - WiFi Connectivity Internet Connectivity and Reliability

ISP APPS FOR YOUR SMARTPHONES CenturyLink Apps HughesNet Apps Mediacom Apps Metronet Apps Starlink Apps

If you live in a retirement community, COOP, or apartment complex where internet services are provided, you need to insist that the provider ensures you have adequate bandwidth in your home to meet the needs of your family members. Managing Your Digital Stuff - WiFi Connectivity If you have the option of purchasing your own internet service Find Internet Service Provider (ISP) In Your Area