Managing Your Digital Stuff - Maintenance

Maintaining computers, mobile devices, routers, printers, and
so on will help them serve you better as they age. Humans need
sleep to clean our brains and other parts of our bodies.
Similarly rebooting devices clears caches, checks software and
hardware integrity. It is a good practice to regularly reboot

Check for Malware on PCs and Macs Malwarebytes (PCs & Macs) Cleaning Cruft from your Hard Drive CCleaner (PCs & Mac) CleanMyMac X (Mac Only) Check Internet Connectivity with speedtest (and more) Manage the storage space on your devices, Don't let your Hard Drive (Memory on mobile devices) get more than 80 percent full. You need about 20 percent free for updates and normal operation. Say you are an Apple Mac user and you want to see what's on your hard drive. System Settings > General > Storage This graphic and clicking on Manage will give you some indication as what is filling your Hard Drive and suggestions to free up space. Managing Your Updates Managing Your Backups Managing Your Battery Health Don't let your Computers, Phones, and Tablets get so old that they can't run the current operating system (OS) or do security updates! Contacting Microsoft Phone: (800) 642 7676 Contacting Apple Phone: (800) MY APPLE (800-692-7753)