Managing Your Digital Stuff - WiFi Connectivity

  It is annoying and frustrating when one keeps experiencing
  slurred voice, frozen video images, and dopping out of Zoom
  meetings. This resource will help to understand the causes
  and help find a reliable solution. Don't just live with the
  problem. Solve the problem and enjoy better connectivity.

  The major causes of poor WiFi connectivity to computers, and
  mobile device are:

  1. WiFi signal interference, especially in high density
  housing areas such as apartment buildings and retirement

  2. Physical Distance and walls between the WiFi source 
  (access point) and your computer or tablet.


BANDWIDTH ANALYSIS Test Bandwidth Required Bandwidth for Zoom Required Bandwidth for Netflix Remember--You are sharing bandwidth with other Programs and Apps running on your devices and other family members using their devices on the same network. Updates and Cloud Backups require good broadband connections. Updates (do the updates) Backups

WiFi DIAGNOSTIC APPS WiFi Analyzer (for Android) InSSIDer (for Windows) WiFi Explorer (for Mac) If you have a choice, pick a WiFi signal (available to you) that is at least 20-30 dB above other WiFi signals in the same range of the spectrum. In the image above Starlink4605 and airport3b are very good choices. If there is no good signal available to you there are a couple of options. 1. Contract with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and provide your own internet connection independent of the WiFi in your building complex. 2. If an ethernet jack is available in your apartment or condo you have the option of providing your own access point or connecting your computer via Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet cable, bypassing WiFi altogether. Wall jack <================> Computer with ethernet port Wall jack <================> Ethernet Adaptor <===> Computer