Creating and Maintaining Home Networks
Find Internet Service Provider (ISP) In Your Area


If you live in a retirement community, COOP, or apartment
complex where internet services are provided, you need to
insist that the provider ensures you have adequate bandwidth
in your home to meet the needs of your family members.

If you have the option of purchasing your own internet service
these are some options.

FCC: Internet Service Providers by Address (July 2019) 

Internet Providers in Ames, IA
FCC: Carrier Coverage Maps

Elon Musk's Starlink

Why Elon Musk's Starlink IS a big deal

  "You may think that we are crazy, but we believe Starlink
  will change our future in ways we can't even imagine.

  "When the first mobile phone came out, it was bulky, heavy,
  and the charge did not last long. If at that time anyone
  predicted that our future cellphone would look like a tiny
  slab with a computer inside, we would not have believed it.

  "Technology improves over time. What is not possible today
  will become possible in the future. Who would have believed
  that an orbital class rocket can land autonomously on an
  autonomous drone ship in the middle of the ocean 20 years
  ago? No one. But now, SpaceX is doing that routinely.

  "In the future, Elon Musk for sure will include a Starlink
  receiver in his Tesla's. As a result, not only will Starlink
  get millions of new customers, but a Tesla owner will also
  get high-speed broadband internet in their car.

  "Today's technology is far superior to 50 years ago's
  technology. Similarly, the way we are innovating, 50 years
  later, our technology will be significantly different than
  today's technology.

  "Though today it may be impossible to design a Starlink
  receiver that fits inside a cell phone, we will not be
  surprised if Starlink develops a satellite transceiver after
  20 years that is the size of a small chip. It will
  dramatically change our cellular connectivity."