Using iPhone and iPad without Vision -- Siri

Demonstrations using Siri (or Hey Siri) to:

  o Search for Sam Wormley
  o Read Sam Wormley's home phone number
  o Search Wikipedia for Asparagus
  o What's the Phone Number for McFarland Clinic

  o Note that I spent $12 for lunch
  o Read my most recent note

  o Where am I

  o Read me the Weather Forecast
  o Read me the Forecast for Evergreen Colorado
  o Read me the forcast for Newton, Iowa
  o Is there snow in the forecast this week?
  o What's the temperature?

  o Read me the Stock Markets
  o How are the Markets Doing?
  o How is Apple Stock doing today?

  o What Day is this?
  o What time is it?
  o Set an alarm for 9:45am
  o Set an alarm for two hours from now
  o Cancel My Alarms

  o Remind me call my sister at 9:40am
  o Create a Reminder for one hour from now
  o Read my Reminders
  o Delete Reminders

  o What is the Phone number for my sister
  o Call
  o Call Sam Wormley
  o Make a FaceTime Call

  o Find Sarah Cartwright
  o Send a Text Message
  o Read my Text Messages

  o Send an Email Message
  o Read My Mail
  o Read My Last Email

  o Walking Directions
  o Driving Directions
  o Navigate to the Cafe
  o Stop Navigating

  o What Movies are Playing in Ames
  o Read Me the Movies Playing in Ames

  o Make a calendar entry
  o Read my appointments

  o Lanch Tunein Radio
  o Launch Pandora
  o Play My Music
  o Play the best of Fred Waring


Contacts: Manage your contacts

Add an email account on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

The American Council of the Blind

  The American Council of the Blind strives to increase the
  independence, security, equality of opportunity, and quality
  of life, for all blind and visually-impaired people.