Photography Tips and Techniques


Robert Frost - A Tribute to the Source (read)
  Frost was at work on a new book. Poems from Derry were still
  maturing, some from England were almost ready. He had never
  succeeded in larruping a poem as one might a horse to make
  it go. Poems had to come to him in their own...

  What images come to your mind as I read these words? How 
  would you create and/or capture the images? 

COMPOSITION Photograph by Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus The camera should not get in the way of composing/framing images. Most cameras have the capability to "lock" exposure and auto focus functions. Some customizing allows the decoupling of these two lock functions. Check the camera manual about the use and programming of those features. It is important that the camera does what you want and not you having to live with doing what the camera wants. The camera should not get in your way!

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Photo Assignment - Focus on the subject Following up from last week, where you worked on Focus and Focus Lock, photograph a subject with a blurred background so that the viewer (we) focus our attention on the subject. The background can provide context if you like, but we want to be drawn to the subject because it is in critical focus. If you are photographing a face, the whole face does not have to be in focus... but the eyes should be.