Creating and Maintaining Home Networks
Example of a Local Area Network (LAN)


  Diagram of your Instructor's Local Area Network.

  My ISP supplied Cable Modem (not shown on the diagram) would
  be located at the word "Internet" on this diagram and
  connects directly to airport3b (Router).

  Each AirPort Extreme is a Wi-Fi Access Point and can also
  be configured as a Router. 
  Each solid line represents a cat5/6 ethernet cable. Ethernet
  cables connect Modem to airport3b (Router), which in turn
  connect to airport1b (Wi-Fi Access Point) and airport2b
  (Wi-Fi Access Point). 
  The three Wi-Fi Access Points located at opposite ends of
  the house provide good coverage in any room. Mesh routers
  achieve similar coverage without cables.

  open -a "AirPort" to demo devices connected 
  via Wi-Fi