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  ⓵ CHECK INTERNET CONNECTIVITY What's My Apparent IP Address and My Apparent ISP? Test Bandwidth (IPv6) (VPN) Internet Health Download Network Tools Test Firewall IPv6 Address Types IPv4 Address Types

  ⓶ CHECK ONLINE INTERNET SERVICES (Real-time) Outages: Downdetector Internet Monitor: Cloudfare Internet Outages Live Map by Pingdom Attacks: Live Cyber Threat Map Internet Outage Maps Thousand Eyes Outage Map OpenAI (ChatGPT) Apple status (AS714) Consumer Cellular Google Status (AS15169) Cloudflare System Status (AS13335) Akamai Status (AS20940) Fastly Status (AS54113) Zoom Status Starlink Status (AS14593) Mediacom Support (AS30036)!/About/Contact/ CenturyLink Status

  ⓷ ELECTRIC POWER OUTAGES Check your smartphone for WiFi signals in your area. WiFi signals (or lack thereof) is indicative of a neighborhood outage area. Power Outages Map Story County City of Ames (Report Power Outage: 515-239-5240) (Map) U.S. Electricity Overview (U.S. Lower 48) Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (MISO) Weather FEMA Space Weather Prediction Center


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