Managing Your Digital Stuff - Finding "Lost" Files

Can't find the file (or app) you are looking for? My good 
friend, Ralph Gandy, reminds me that the problem is between
the screen and the back of the chair.  That may be the case,
but you came to this page to help you find your "lost" file.

Microsoft: Find lost files Microsoft: Find lost or missing files in OneDrive For Linux Users: In the command line, use "find".

For Apple Users Recent Files: Apple (upper left menu-bar) > Recents Items > Documents Recent Files: Finder > Recents (Date Modified) Option-Command-P toggles Show Path Bar Finder: Choose 'as List' from the Finder's View menu and then press Option when clicking on a disclosure triangle. Search Box in Finder Option-Command-P toggles Show Path Bar Use Spotlight on your Mac (Menu Bar) or press Command-Space bar Ask Siri to find files on your Mac