Managing Your Digital Stuff - Bookmarks and Tabs

When surfing the internet with a web browser, we often come
across information that we want to save. Bookmarks (Favorites
for some) make it convenient to save the URLs of that we wish
to access again.  

That sure beats saving a copy of a webpage, article, or recipe
on your computers or mobile devices. Or worse yet, printing on
paper to be piled among other piles of printouts.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do I really need to save stuff from the internet? After
     all it is so easy just to use a search engine. In fact I
     can say to my digital assistant, "Using DuckDuckGo search
     for asparagus soup recipes". Or use ChatGPT.
2. Perhaps you regularly go to your bank or MyCharts and want to save the URL in your Favorites. 3. What happens to my bookmarks when I switch browsers? Or get a new computer? Upgrading from an old computer may not preserve bookmarks? Perhaps we should not be so dependent on bookmarks. 4. Do you have bookmarks many years old? Are they relevant? 5. Do you have hundreds and thousands of bookmarks? How do you find what you are looking for? Bookmarks have their place, but can quickly get out of hand if you don't regularly purge and maintain them.

We're Getting Buried in Browser Tabs And Scientists Want to Fix It A small new study has found many people who browse the internet experience tab overload, saving articles to read later, leaving tasks as reminders, or burrowing down an internet hole until the stack of open web pages becomes impossible to navigate. The clutter can make people feel stressed, distracted, shamed, and overwhelmed. Despite this, we often avoid clearing up the mess.

How to find a bookmark (in the hay stack) in Safari Goto Safari > Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks Search Bookmarks using a keyword or phrase