Sound Technicians Tutorial

The following is a work in progress (just started):

Audio System Outputs to:
  o House Speakers (FOH)
  o Audio Recorder - TASCAM_DR-07MkII
  o Assistive Listening System - Gentner_TX-37A
  Each "corner" of Fellowship Hall has a ceiling drop cord 
  that can be used to connect speakers to the sound console. 
  The four corner speaker cables come to a panel located in 
  the southwest corner, labeled Ceiling Corner Jacks. Sound
  can be run from the sound console, labeled FOH, currently
  located in the Northeast corner of the hall over to the 
  Ceiling Corner Jacks panel, and there via a black splitter
  box to the two speakers.
  The output levels are controlled by two Sliders, the "FOH"
  to the speakers and "TO TAPE" to the Audio Recorder and 
  Assistive Listening System.