UUFA Sunday Morning Program Committee
        The Sunday Morning Program Committee (SMPC) plans and
        implements year-round Sunday morning services during times
        when our minister doesn't speak. The committee works with our
        minister to facilitate and to plan shared programs. Members
        arrange for speakers from within and from outside the

        Programs Presented in 2004

                January 2004        
             Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   
                          1  2  3   
              4  5  6  7  8  9 10 <--- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting 10-11:30am
             11 12 13 14 15 16 17   
             18 19 20 21 22 23 24   
             25 26 27 28 29 30 31   

       Jan   4  "The Feisty Sandburg"        Speakers: Rev. Roger Butts (Davenport)<qcuu@revealed.net> [68]
                                             Facilitators: Kelly Poole
              Single Service at 10 a.m.      Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (10 AM)   
                                             Special Music: 
           On the occasion of his birthday, we'll explore Sandburg's sense of
           theology, especially his poem about Billy Sunday, the evangelist.
           It's Sandburg at his feistiest and it still illuminates!

       Jan  11  "One Man's Religion"         Speakers: Mary Richards <maryrich@earthlink.net> [32,90]                      
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Facilitators: Carole Kazmierski
         SPECIAL FORUM  Between Services     Pianist: Bonnie Bowen (9), Sue Haug (11)
          PROPOSED NEW MALL - Erv Klaas      Special Music: 
           Every institution creates myths. These often involve stories about
           pillars of the community. This service will draw from elements of
           services created by Bob Richards over 20 years ago.
           A special informational forum on "Smart Growth and the proposed new
           mall" will be presented between services beginning at 10:10am. Members
           of the Ames Smart Growth Coalition will make a 20-30 minute presentation
           and then be available to answer questions. The Ames City Council will
           decide in January whether or not to approve a land use policy map
           change that would open the door for a large regional mall at 13th
           Street and I-35. For more information contact Erv Klaas, 233-3327.

       Jan  18  "The Beloved Community"      Speakers: Mary Sawyer (ISU) <sawyerm@iastate.edu> [42,72]
                                             Facilitators: Mary Richards 
                                             Pianist: None Required    
                                             Special Music: Reggie Greenlaw
           In today's world of strife and turmoil, we are called to intentional
           in building community. Martin Luther King's words remain a source of
           wisdom and guidance for this task.                                

       Jan  25  "Love or Ignorance Will      Speakers: UUFA Youth (with Benette Sherman) [70,100]
                         Guide Us"           Facilitators: Mary Richards                         
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Mary Richards (both)    
                                             Special Music: Mary Richards and UUFA Youth
           Join the high school youth group as they examine why humans seen to
           be caught in a continual cycle of violence. They will put ignorance 
           on trial and call witnesses that support the folly and fear that 
           ignorance thrives on. But they will also call witnesses who know of
           the strength of love, wisdom and compassion.                              


                     February 2004
  Pledge Drive    Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa  
    First Day ---> 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  
                   8  9 10 11 12 13 14 <--- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting 10-11:30am  
                  15 16 17 18 19 20 21  
    Last Day ---> 22 23 24 25 26 27 28  
        Different Theological Perspectives Series during February 1 to March 7
       Feb   1  "A Winter Journey:           Speakers: Roger Klinkenborg                       
             Meditations on Snow and Ice"    Facilitators: Kelly Poole, Wayne Beal?
           [UUFA Pledge Drive Kickoff]       Pianist: Sue Haug     
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices: Midwinter
                                             Special Music: Good Company: TBD
           This program approaches winter from a state of meditation,
           on the outer world and the inner self, in an exploration of
           how to enjoy and grow from the very circumstances that can
           threaten our self-preservation.

       Feb   8  "A Quaker's Understanding"   Speakers: Steven Smith [55,76]                       
                                             Facilitators: Linda Barnes
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Megan Eagen    
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices: At the River
           Steven will reflect on the historical spring of the Quaker stream 
           of faith and on its relevance for a passionate life today. 

       Feb  15  [Hinduism, etc.]             Speakers: Manjit Misra & Jai Sheecharran [45,78]                  
                                             Facilitators: Marcia Brink & Wayne Beal
                                             Offertory only Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (11 AM)    
                                             Special Music:
           Discover the beauty, unity, and harmony in daily living according to Hindu 
           philosophy. Traditional music will be included in the program.

       Feb  22  [Muslim Perspective]         Speakers: Sana Akili [57,74]                    
                                             Facilitators: Marcia Brink & Wayne Beal           
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Darshana Bhattacharyya  - both services    
                                             Special Music:
           We have an active, vibrant Muslim community in Ames, yet many of us
           don't understand the basic tenets of Islam. There's no time like the
           present to learn about this world religion, including its Sunni and 
           Shiite traditions.

       Feb  29  "Does Religious Humanism     Speakers: Rev. Mark Stringer (Des Moines)<minister@ucdsm.org> [62,69]
                    have a Soul?"            Facilitators: Annette Rowley                        
                                             Pianist: Megan Eagen - both services     
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices: Amani Utupe
                                             Special Music: Reggie Greenlaw 
                                             Special Prelude Music: UUFA Youth Brass Group will perform "Fanfare for A Maple Leaf"
                                             here is a new member in the group: Sophie Pierce, on trumpet.
           Attempting to answer this question, Rev. Mark Stringer, minister of
           the First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, will offer an examination of 
           the thoughts of those who shaped American religious humanism.        

                   March 2004     
             Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                 1  2  3  4  5  6 <--- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting 10-11:30am
              7  8  9 10 11 12 13
             14 15 16 17 18 19 20 <-- John Berquist in Concert at the Fellowship
             21 22 23 24 25 26 27
             28 29 30 31

       Mar   7  "Living the Buddha's         Speakers: Zuiko J Redding [70,78]                     
              Teaching in Today's World      Facilitators: Kelly Poole, Sam Wormley (transportation)
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (both)    
                                             Special Prelude Music: Esin Unal will perform 
                                             "Spanish Folk Song" by Ralph R. Guenther on her flute
           Shakyamuni Buddha lived in the foothills of the Himalayas
           over 2,500 years ago, and he sought to teach people how to live in peace
           and harmony and how to bring it to a world of violence and social
           disharmony.  Zuiko Redding, resident teacher at the Cedar Rapids Zen
           Center, will explore with us how the Buddha's teaching of awareness and
           understanding can help us act with wisdom in today's world.


       Mar  14  "The Dance of the Spirit:    Speakers: Roger Mohr [48,50]      
               Toward a Theology of Power."  Facilitators: Sam Wormley 
                                             Pianist: Sue Haug (both)    
                                             Special Music: Sonja Giles, flute & Sue Haug Piano
					     Youth Prelude: Eden Marek, piano (Bourree in D Minor - Dennis Alexander)
           The  thesis is "Power is the means by which we make our world better,
           together."  I'll be discussing the problem of power in our tradition,
           and I'll also  consider questions about the meaning and purpose of

           Roger Mohr is a student at Meadville Lombard Theological Seminary, the 
           Unitarian Universalist divinity school in Chicago. He serves as a
           chaplain at the University of Iowa Hospital, and as the development
           consultant for the Clinton Iowa UU Fellowship. Roger holds an MBA in
           Business Ethics and has done extensive graduate work in psychology and
           social theory. Prior to making a full commitment to ministry, he
           served as a leadership and organizational development consultant in
           both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

                                             John Berquist in Concert Saturday Night before!
       Mar  21  "Theological Pluralism       Speakers: Rev. Dr. Carol Hepokoski <chepokoski@meadville.edu> [70,91]                    
              and the Wings of Nemesis"      Facilitators: Mary Richards, Sam Wormley
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Megan Eagen (both)    
                                             Special Music: Women in the Round
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices: Circles
					     Special Music: John Berquist
           Reflections on the practice of theological pluralism within
           Unitarian Universalism.

       Mar  28  "U.S. Latinos and the        Speakers: Hector Avalos <havalos@iastate.edu> [47,68]                 
              Future of American Religion"   Facilitators: Roger Berger, Carole Kazmierski                       
                                             Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (9), Sue Haug (11)     
                                             Special Music:
					     Youth Prelude: Anda Tanaka (voice) and Peggy Earnshaw (piano)
           U.S. Latinos are now the largest ethnic group in America, numbering
           nearly 40 million people. In actuality, Latinos are composed of a
           variety of sub-groups who trace their roots to the Spanish-speaking
           countries of Latin America. Their shift from Catholicism to
           Protestantism is the core of perhaps one of the most far-reaching
           revolutions in Christian history. Dr. Avalos' talk will explore the
           reasons for this shift and discuss why American-born religions, such
           as Pentecostalism and the Jehovah's Witnesses, are growing in the
           Third World.

                  April 2004       
             Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                          1  2  3 <--- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting 10-11:30am
              4  5  6  7  8  9 10      Passover is April 6
  Easter --> 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 
             18 19 20 21 22 23 24 <--- Prairie Star Annual Conference and Meeting 
             25 26 27 28 29 30         April 23-25 Kansas City MO 

       Apr   4  "Who Do You Say That I Am?"  Speakers: Rev. Nancy Haley (Iowa City)<jhnancy@aol.com> [42,69]
                                             Facilitators: Kelly Poole
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Anne Kimber (9 AM) and Ginny Molgaard (11 AM)     
                                             Special Music:
                                             Youth Prelude: Iris Brenner, piano
           The release of the Mel Gibson Film, "The Passion of the
           Christ", brings both controversy and the opportunity to
           learn about who Jesus was as a man in history, the message
           of Jesus, and the message of the interpreters of Jesus. Who
           do we say Jesus is?

       Apr  11  "Food for Religious Freedom: Speakers: Suzanne Zilber [48,61]
                    A Celebration of the     Facilitators: Wayne Beal & Annette Rowley
                     Exodus from Egypt"      Pianist:     
                                             Special Music: 
                                             Youth Prelude: Charlotte Mann, folk harp 
           Join in a recitation of the Passover Seder, a ritual meal
           commemorating the negotiation for freedom between the Jews
           and Pharaoh. We will share symbolic foods, singing, and
           readings appropriate for all generations.

       Apr  18  "Backwoods Prophet:          Speakers: Rev. Wendy Jerome-Stern <wjeromeste@aol.com> [66,78]                  
                      Hosea Ballou"          Facilitators: Sam Wormley
           New Member Class - Installation   Pianist: Megan Eagen (both services)    
             [Children - 1st 15 min]         Special Music: Fellowship Voices - "Bird in a Cage", "One More Step"
                                             Youth Prelude: 

           Hosea Ballou forged his own way to Universalism, through
           trials with which we can identify, and, although he was
           ridiculed by the Harvard-educated Unitarian clergy of
           Boston, Ballou penned A Treatise on Atonement, the
           explanation of why the Trinity won't logically work, that
           Unitarians adopted.

       Apr  25  "Dumpster Diving as a        Speakers: Linda Barnes & Toby Ewing [49,64]
                   Sacred Duty"              Facilitators: Toby Ewing, Linda Barnes         
               [Earthday]                    Pianists: Sue Haug, Ginny Molgaard    
                                             Special Music: Women in the Round 
                                             Special Music: Dan Haug, oboe
                                             Youth Prelude: Emma Runquist
           On this Sunday closest to Earth Day, we contemplate the
           mantra "reduce, re-use, recycle." As a society we remember
           (however reluctantly) to reduce and recycle. but somehow we
           usually overlook the "re-use". How does an ecosystem re-use
           and recycle, why doesn't it reduce, and what can we learn
           from its recyclers and garbage collectors?

                              May 2004       
                        Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                         2  3  4  5  6  7  8 <--- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting 10-11:30am 
    Annual               9 10 11 12 13 14 15 
    Congregational ---> 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 
    Meeting             23 24 25 26 27 28 29 
                        30 31

       May   2  "Intelligent Design"         Speakers: John W Patterson [45,75]                      
          [Annual Meeting between Services]  Facilitators: Sam Wormley
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Megan Eagen (both services)     
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices - "We Utter Our Cry"
                                             Special Music: Free Spirits "This Pretty Planet" by Tom Chapin - (a capella round), and "DeColores"
                                             Youth Prelude: Claire Runquist
           The latest mutation in creationism is called "Intelligent Design", or
           ID for short. The significance of the ID movement, as well as the
           identity and hidden agendas of its radical supporters, will be
           outlined. Though wealthier and stealthier than any creationist movement
           in the past, the theology of the modern ID movement is essentially that
           popularized back in 1802 by theologian William Paley, with the
           publication of his book, "Natural Theology," the central theme of which
           was the idea of an "Intelligent Watchmaker Creator/God".


       May   9  "Fine Arts Program"          Speakers: Deb Kline, Peggy Earnshaw [55,94]
                 All Congregational          Facilitators: Sam Wormley
               [Mother's Day]                Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (both services)    
                                             Special Music: UUFA Youth
           UU Youth will share their talents with our Fellowship as solo
           artists or in groups. We will have both performance and two-dimensional 
           art. Each service will feature different performers.

       May  16  "The Desert Pilgrim:         Speakers: Mary Swander <mswander@iastate.edu> [46,73]
                En Route to Mysticism        Facilitators: Marcia Brink 
                     and Miracles"           Pianist: Sue Haug (both services)    
                                             Special Music: Dan Haug, Oboe (Sue Haug, piano)
           Mary Swander, author and distinguished professor of English
           at ISU, will discuss her work with traditional Hispanic
           healers in New Mexico, how they helped alleviate her pain
           from a spinal cord injury, and how they led her through "the
           dark night of the soul" to a deeper understanding of
           SMPC Potluck for Mary Swander at Marcia's home after second service!
            2707 Hampton St      

       May  23  "Does Prayer Have a Place    Speakers: Larry Burkhalter & Benette Sherman
               in our UU Congregation?"      Facilitators: Rowley & Wormley                        
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: None Required
                                             Special Dance: Deb Kline     
             Senior Recognition 10 min       Special Music: MusicMen, "Quatre Petites prieres
                                             de Saint Francois d'Assise" by Francis Poulenc
                                             "E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come" by Paul Manz.
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices: "Spirit of Life", "Peace Canon"
           Join us as we explore the question, "Does Prayer Have a Place in our 
           UU Congregation?" from the perspectives of Larry Burkhalter and
           Benette Sherman and through poetry, dance, and music performed by
           the Fellowship Voices and the Music Men.                                  

        Transition to single 10am service from two services at 9am and 11am

       May  30  "Memorial Day - Living on"   Speakers: Katherine Buckley                               
                 Parent-Child                Facilitators: Sam Wormley                        
                 Congregational Discussion   Pianist:     
                 Sharing Program             Special Music:
           Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance 
           for those who have died in our nation's service. However, for many of
           us, this is a time we reflect on the losses of our parents, siblings and
           sometimes children. Please join in sharing remembrances of your loved
           ones and the gifts they gave you.

                   June 2004
             Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa      
                    1  2  3  4  5 <--- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting 10-11:30am 
              6  7  8  9 10 11 12      (bring fresh fruit to share)
             13 14 15 16 17 18 19      
             20 21 22 23 24 25 26 <--- GA 2004: Long Beach, California, June 24-28 
             27 28 29 30
       Jun   6  "Flower Communion"           Speakers: Deb Kline, et al       
                                             Facilitators: Wayne Beal & Sam Wormley
                                             Pianist: Mary Richards    
                                             Special Music:
           Join us to explore the metaphorical seeds we plant in our 
           lives and how we nurture them to full bloom. Are  we sowing
           the seeds we desire for ourselves, or is there a better part
           of us just waiting to be planted? Enjoy a morning of stories,
           song, guided meditation and sharing as we consider our life
           journey as a garden.

       Jun  13  Spirituality of Work:        Speakers: Diane Debinski & Linda Barnes                      
                  Teacher"                   Facilitators:              
                                             Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw    
                                             Special Music: UUFA Recorder Ensemble
                                             Offertory: UUFA Recorder Ensemble
           Join us as we explore the incredible spirituality of 
           teaching others.                                  

       Jun  20  "Tomato Blessings & Radish   Speakers: Kay Puttock                    
                 Teachings: After the        Facilitators: Kelly Poole 
                 Ecstasy, the Laundry"       Pianist: Sue Haug    
                                             Special Music:
           Can routine chores become a meditative experience? Come
           and share your own stories of finding spirituality in the
           mundane and join us in a celebration of food and cooking
           after the service. (Food contributions welcome but not

       Jun  27  Spirituality of Work:        Speakers: Cindy Cory [59]        
                  Healer"                    Facilitators: Sam Wormley with Kay Puttock            
                                             Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw     
                                             Special Music: Anda Tanaka, vocal solo
           Beyond the science of medicine lies the art of healing.      

                  July 2004
             Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                          1  2  3
              4  5  6  7  8  9 10 <-- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting 10-11:30am 
             11 12 13 14 15 16 17 <-- Sam at PSD Meeting July 17-18
             18 19 20 21 22 23 24
             25 26 27 28 29 30 31

       Jul   4  "Patriotism of Peace"        Speakers: Mark Witherspoon, Marcia Brink [69]                     
                                             Facilitators: Marcia Brink & Mark Witherspoon
                                             Pianist: Sue Haug    
                                             Special Music: Sue Haug & Audrey Leung - Piano Duet
                                             Special Music: Reggie Greenlaw
	   The world was not ready for a peaceful answer to the Sept. 11,
	   2001, attack on the World Trade Center. But some responded in
	   peace, anyway. And some of them were called unpatriotic for
	   doing so. Come, listen and share your views on what it means to
	   be a patriot for peace in a world of war.

       Jul  11  "Women and Freedom"          Speakers: Xenda Lindel, Heidi Lackmann, Moira Leu [52] 
                                             Facilitators: Mary Richards              
                                             Pianist: Mary Richards     
                                             Special Music: 
           "Women and Freedom" features three women from the Des Moines
           congregation (Xenda Lindel, xenda@iowalink.com, Heidi Lackmann, 
           heidi.lackmann@att.net, and Moira Leu) reading and performing 
           words and biographies of Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, and
           Rosa Parks. 

       Jul  18  "Vocation: Callings and      Speakers: Sue Kelsey  [55]             
                        Conundrums"          Facilitators: Kelly Poole
                                             Pianist: Anne Kimber     
                                             Special Music:

	   Spirituality of Work: Writer - "Vocation: Callings and Conundrums"
	   Frederich Buechner writes that vocation is the "place where your deep
	   gladness meets the world's deep need."  Sue Kelsey will share personal
	   experiences about calling and vocation, along with wisdom from Quaker
	   educator Parker Palmer and psychologist James Hillman.
	   Mary Richards' Annual Summer Brunch follows the service.

       Jul  25  "A Thing with Feathers:      Speakers: Anne Boyer <anneboyer@att.net>                  
                 The Spiritual Lessons       Facilitators: Sam Wormley             
                 of the City Hens."          Pianist: Sue Haug      
                                             Special Music: Diana Bai & Audrey Leung - Piano Duet
           Anne Boyer, a published member of the First Unitarian Church
	   in Des Moines, presents "A Thing with Feathers -- The Spiritual 
	   Lessons of the City Hens", which is a meditation upon pet chickens, 
	   peace, power, and pecking orders.
                                  August 2004
                             Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
       Toby at FUCDM --+      1  2  3  4  5  6  7 
       Sam at UUFNCI --+--->  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 <-- Transylvania Pilgrimage Aug 8-18
       Brian Transylvania -> 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 <-- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting 10-11:30am
         Sam at UCMC ------> 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
       Brian PSD Retreat --> 29 30 31

       Aug   1  "Culture of Fear"            Speakers: Louise Alcorn <lalcorn@yahoo.com> [65]                      
                                             Facilitators: Sam Wormley
                                             Pianist: Anne Kimber    
                                             Special Music: Hymn of Valor
           First Unitarian Church of Des Moines member Louise Alcorn
           discusses the role of fear in our lives, as individuals,
           communities and nations. Why do we fear? How do we react to
           fear? Why is fear like a virus? She promises the presentation
           will be much more fun than the title might imply! 

       Aug   8  "Fun With the Fairy Folk"    Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger [96]                                
                                             Facilitators: Mark Witherspoon
                                             Special Music:
           The wee people abound in the stories told long and not so long 
           ago across the Highlands and Boarders of Scotland. Who were the 
           fairy folk and what lessons might their stories hold for us 
           today?  Join us for a Sunday of meaningful fancy as guests of 
           the fairy folk.

       Aug  15  "Spirituality of Work:       Speakers: Jean Dow & Ashley Kyber [75]                        
                   Artist"                   Facilitators: Toby Ewing    
                                             Special Music: 
           The two Fellowship artists share their reflections on the
           spiritual in Art and in its birthing. What aspects of the creative
           divine catches your attention? What drives some  people to capture
           that encounter as Art? Can ANYTHING be done as Art? Join us in
           reflection and conversations.
       Aug  22  "Love like Salt: The         Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger [127]                    
             Transformative Power of Story"  Facilitators: Mary Richards & Mark Witherspoon
                                             Offertory: Barb Evenson - Harp     
                                             Special Music: Barb Evenson - Harp
           While visiting Glasgow Scotland I learned how a single story
           is helping to transform an entire community. Part of a larger
           community project based on storytelling, the story "Love like
           Salt" became a metaphor for how the people of the community
           has come together, in spite of their differences, to find their
       Aug  29  "Singing the Living          Speakers: Molgaard, Leudder, Richards, Rowley, Puttock, Wormley
                      Tradition"             Facilitators: Molgaard, Wormley
                DRESS REHEARSAL REQUIRED     Pianist: Earnshaw    
                                             Cello: Ed Carbrey
           Several member of the Fellowship will share background and
           interesting facts about some of our favorite songs in "Singing
           the Living Tradition".
                 September 2004
             Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                       1  2  3  4     Fellowship Voices begin rehearsals Sept 8
              5  6  7  8  9 10 11 <-- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting Sept 11
             12 13 14 15 16 17 18
             19 20 21 22 23 24 25
             26 27 28 29 30
       Sep   5  "The Copernican Principle"   Speakers: Sam Wormley [81]            
                                             Facilitators: Toby Ewing    
                                             Pianist: Ginny Molgaard (10)    
                                             Special Music: 
           The Copernican Principle is a basic statement in physics that there
           should be no "special" observers. For example, the Aristotelian model
           of the solar system in the Middle Ages placed the Earth at the center
           of the solar system, a unique place since it "appears" that everything
           revolved around the Earth.  The implications of Copernicus' work can
           not be exaggerated. His views challenged the literal interpretation of
           Scripture, the philosophical and metaphysical foundations of moral
           theory, and even common sense itself. We Explore the connection between
           the Copernican Principle and our UU Principles.
        Transition from single 10am service to two services at 9am and 11am

       Sep  12  "Returning to the Source:    Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger [55,109]           
                        Water Communion"     Facilitators: Wayne Beal
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Ann Kimber (9) Sue Haug (11)     
                                             Special Music:
           Just as rivers begin at the source of their nourishing, our
           ingathering Sunday is a chance to celebrate our fall return to the
           Fellowship as a place that sustains us.  Please bring water from
           your travels, be they to the back yard pool or the outback of
           Australia to share during our water communion.

       Sep  19  "Scottish Journals"          Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger [58,81]
                                             Facilitators: Annette Rowley          
                                             Pianist: Megan Eagen (both) Ginny Molgaard (11)     
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices 
					     Offertory: "Come to Me My Love" Allan Robert [Mc]Petker
					     Special Music: Peace Canon (Round) - with congregation
           Get a glimpse into the sabbatical musings of our minister as he
           shares reflections from his writings in Scotland.
       Sep  26  "Tales from the              Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger, K. Fisher, S. Haug, G. Huntington, J. Matthews [53,70]
                 Transylvania Travelers"     Facilitators: Marcia Brink (9) Linda Barnes (11)            
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Sue Haug (both)    
                                             Special Music:
           A delegation of five members of UUFA visited our partner church in
           Transylvania.  There they formed friendships across barriers of
           language and learned about the roots of our Unitarian faith.  
           Learn more about the connections of America and Transylvania
           Unitarianism and the importance of the Partnership program.
                               October 2004
                           Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                                           1  2
                            3  4  5  6  7  8  9 <-- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting
         Sam at FUCDM ---> 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 <-- Coming of Age Retreat Oct 16-17 Mark, Toby & Sam
                           17 18 19 20 21 22 23 <-- Dedication (lots of music)
                           24 25 26 27 28 29 30

       Oct   3  "Immigration and Iowa's      Speakers: Max Cardenas <cardenas@uni.edu>                         
                           Future"           Facilitators: Marcia Brink 
                                             Pianist: Megan Eagen (both)    
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices - "How Can I Keep From Singing"
                                             Arranged by Matthew Culloton

           The director of partnership and training in the New Iowans Program at
           the University of Northern Iowa will describe the immigrant experience
           in Iowa, the nature of anti-immigrant sentiment and activity, and the
           efforts of Iowa's immigrant populations and community members to build
           welcoming communities. 


       Oct  10  "Dig Where You Stand:        Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger [58,70]
                 The Ethics of Place"        Facilitators: Kelly Poole substituting for Mark Witherspoon
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Cynthia Marten (9), Sue Haug (11)     
                                             Special Music:
           What do the womanist ethics of Alice Walker, Celtic spirituality
           of Alastair MacIntosh and engaged Buddhism of Thich Nhat Hahn
           have in common? Join us for a "conversation" between these
           three view points and experience how relevant their perspectives
           are for today's world.

       Oct  17  "A Faith of Hands and Heart" Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger [48,70]
                                             Facilitators: Kay Puttock             
                [New Member Sunday]          Special Music and accompanying: Reggie Greenlaw, guitar   
           What is this faith we call Unitarian Universalism?  As we welcome
           new members Rev. Brian Eslinger will ponder connections of our
           faith that he's discerned from his travels and discuss why our
           faith matters in today's world.
       Oct  24  "Monsters in the Shadows"    Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger [68,89]
                                             Facilitators: Toby Ewing              
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Anne Kimber (both)   
                                             Special Music: Free Spirits
                                             Youth Prelude: Patrick Jasper - soprano Recorder, "Menuet" by c. Dieupart 
                                             Accompanied by Peggy Earnshaw

           Samhain, an ancient holiday that gives us pause to look into the
           shadows, gives me the opportunity to explore modern day monsters
           lurking there. These monsters seem to come out during the political
           season and run amuck during campaigns. Come help me explore their
           tactics and seek ways of shedding some light into the corners where
           they hide. 

       Oct  31  "Why Should We Care          Speakers: Roger Berger and Anita Beal [69,76]    
                    About Bela Bartok?"      Facilitators: Mary Richards           
                                             Pianist: Sue Haug (both)   
                                             Special Music: Larry Burkhalter, Ed Carbrey & Sue Haug

           Bela Bartok (1881-1945), the great Hungarian composer, was one of the
           most significant musicians of the 20th Century. This uncompromising
           genius, who created great works of modern art, rejected the religion of
           his childhood in favor of Unitarianism. Learn why he did this, learn
           about his life, and listen to his music. 

                                November 2004
                            Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                                1  2  3  4  5  6 <-- UUFA Auction (with music)
                             7  8  9 10 11 12 13
       Brian PSD Exec ----> 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          Meeting           21 22 23 24 25 26 27
                            28 29 30

       Nov   7  "Swinging David's Sling"     Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger [70,79]           
                                             Facilitators: Carole Kazmierski
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Sue Haug (both)      
                                             Special Music: UUFA Trio
           When David daces Goliath, he had nothing but a sling and
           some stones. How might we approach the changes needed in our
           world? Let's look to our stones and the power we have tp
           swing David's sling.

       Nov  14  "A Pilgrimage to the         Speakers: Annette Rowley & Sam Wormley [57,73]
                   Gallarus Oratory"         Facilitators: Annette Rowley          
                                             Pianist: Megan Eagen (both)     
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices
                                                            "At the River" John Jacobson
	   We have left the age of miracles behind, but not, we trust,
	   our sense of wonder. We are pilgrim scientists, perched on
	   the edge of eternity, curious and attentive. Join us in one
	   Pilgram's story at the Gallarus Oratory, in the west of

       Nov  21  "Bringing Home the Harvest"  Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger & Linda Barnes [79,89]
                                             Facilitators: Linda Barnes                        
                                             Pianist: none needed   
                All Congregational           Special Music: Fellowship Folk

           Get into the spirit of thankfulness as we celebrate the
           bounty provided by our mother earth.

       Nov  28  "Listening to the Wind"      Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger [73]
                 SINGLE SERVICE at 10am      Facilitators: Wayne Beal              
                                             Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw    
                                             Special Music:
           As we've celebrate Thanksgiving many costumed clichés and fictional
           "histories" about Native Americans became part of our cultural
           landscape. What was, and is, the real relationship between Euro and
           Native Americans? Why does it matter? Join as we attempt to turn an
           honest ear to listen to the past and assess what such lesson, if
           heeded, could mean for our future.

                 December 2004
             Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                       1  2  3  4 <--- Sunday Morning Program Committee Meeting
              5  6  7  8  9 10 11
             12 13 14 15 16 17 18      Barnes-Runquist Solstice Celebration Dec 21
             19 20 21 22 23 24 25 <--- Italian Play (1) Service (2) Dec 24
             26 27 28 29 30 31         Orff Instruments?

       Dec   5  "Growing a UU Faith"         Speakers: Benette Sherman & Rev. Brian Eslinger [69,79]
                                             Facilitators: Annette Rowley
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Megan Eagen (both)     
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Voices
                                                            "The Forest", Williams & Martin
           Joine acting DRE Benette Sherman and Rev. Brian Eslinger as they
           explore how we plant the seeds and nurture the growth of Unitarian
           Universalist faith in people of all ages.                     

       Dec  12  "My Point of Light in        Speakers: Carole Kazmierski, Wayne Beal, Mary Richards (9), Krista Weber(11)
                       the Darkness"         Facilitators: Carole Kazmierski & Wayne Beal
              [important readings, etc.]     Pianist: Cynthia Marten (9), Anne Kimber (11)
                  Congregational Input       Special Music:

           Points of Light in the Darkness: As the Winter Solstice approaches,
           daylight dwindles. While we now have more evening hours to cuddle up by
           the fire to read or listen to music, the lack of sunlight and cold
           temperatures often dampen our moods. What can buoy us up and cheer us
           during long winter nights?  Fellowship members will share music and
           words that sustain them in the dark season of the year.
       Dec  19  "Winter Ceilidh"             Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
                  All Congregational         Facilitators: Kelly Poole & Krista Weber                         
               [Children - 1st 15 min]       Pianist: Cynthia Marten (9), Sue Haug (11)     
                                             Special Music: Fellowship Folk
	   During the long Scottish winter people would gather around a
	   hearth fire and shar stories, sing songs and play music. Join
	   us as we share these gifts of the season while reflecting on
	   what the holidays mean to people from many faiths.

        single 10am service 
       Dec  26  "Sing We Noel"               Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
            [research stories behind         Facilitators: Kelly Poole or Sam Wormley
               Christmas carols]             Pianist: Cynthia Marten    
               SINGLE SERVICE                Special Music:
           Ever wonder about the story behind your favorite holiday songs?
	   We'll give a bit of the background for several Christmas carols
           and do a lot of singing during this day-after Christmas service.