UUFA Sunday Morning Program Committee
        The Sunday Morning Program Committee (SMPC) plans and
        implements year-round Sunday morning services during times
        when our minister doesn't speak. The committee works with our
        minister to facilitate and to plan shared programs. Members
        arrange for speakers from within and from outside the

        Programs Presented in 2002

            January 2002
        Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
               1  2  3  4  5 <-- Sunday Morning Program
         6  7  8  9 10 11 12     Committee Meeting at 10am 
        13 14 15 16 17 18 19
        20 21 22 23 24 25 26
        27 28 29 30 31

          Jan   6  "I Really Want to Change"    Speakers: Carole Kazmierski 232-2026, 296-4869
                                                Facilitators: Roger Berger
                                                Pianist: Sue Haug - both services
                                                Special Music:    

                   As the new year begins, we make resolutions to break bad habits 
                   and improve our moods, our dispositions, and our lives. Why is 
                   change so hard when the self-help books make it sound so easy?

          Jan  13  "Flow" Music, Nature and     Speakers: David Smith & Cynthia Marten
                   the Psychology of Flow       Facilitators: Cynthia Marten, Barb Evenson (9am)
                                                Pianist: Cynthia Marten - both services
                                                Special Music: David Smith 

                   David Smith, medical examiner from Davenport, IA, will present his
                   understanding of "flow" through his appreciation of nature and the
                   nature of songwriting.

          Jan  20   "Toltec Wisdom"             Speakers:  Deb Kline       
                                                Facilitators: George Naylor
                                                Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (1st), Ginny Molgaard (2nd)
                                                Special Music: UUFA Recorder Ensemble

                   Thousands of years ago in southern Mexico, artists and scientists
                   formed a society to practice ancient spiritual knowledge known as
                   Toltec teachings.  They became masters, or maguals, in the
                   pyramids near present day Mexico City.  These pyramids are still 
                   called the place where "Man Becomes God." The Toltec knowledge is
                   not a religion, but rather a way of engaging in the world with
                   personal freedom and happiness.  Ideas from The Four Agreements,
                   by Don Miguel Ruiz will be shared as a beginning path for your
                   own personal freedom and happiness.

                   See: http://www.miguelruiz.com/books.htm#fa

          Jan  27  "Being Spiritual Moment by   Speakers: Kay, Kelly & Cindy Cory
                   Moment: Holistic Health,     Facilitators:  Kay, Kelly & Cindy Cory
                   Yoga, and Spirituality"      Pianist: Sue Haug - both services
                                                Special Music: 

                   To most people, the word "yoga" probably suggests physical postures
                   or "asanas" such as the headstand or twisting the body into a
                   pretzel shape, but there is more to yoga than making an asana out
                   of yourself.                                     

                            February 2002
                        Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                                        1  2
          Brian at ----> 3  4  5  6  7  8  9 <-- Sunday Morning Program
          Coming of     10 11 12 13 14 15 16     Committee Meeting at 10am
          Age Retreat   17 18 19 20 21 22 23
          Feb 2-3       24 25 26 27 28

          Feb   3   "Globalization Happens"     Speakers: Francis Owusu, Toby Ewing, Stu Huntington
                                                Facilitators: Toby Ewing, Stu Huntington
                                                Special Music:

                    Globalization 101:  There's been a lot of talk lately about 
                    globalization, but what does it mean to all of us?  Our Unitarian 
                    Universalist principles include a goal of a world community with 
                    peace, liberty, and justice for all.  Does globalization help move 
                    toward, or away from that goal?  This is the first in a series of
                    three programs, one each in February, March, and April.

          Feb  10   "A Light IN the Storm"      Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger           
                    Pledge Drive Kickoff        Facilitators: Duffie Lorr              
                                                Special Music:   

                    Light is a potent symbol and an even more potent reality.  Light
                    provides warmth, guidance, hope and clarity for our vision.  Yet
                    these lights don't just appear; each of us has a role in kindling
                    them in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.  This
                    Sunday we'll talk about the ways in which Unitarian Universalism
                    helps us kindle that flame within and how we help to support this
                    religious community.

          Feb  17   "Music's Gift to Life"      Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger  
                     Clara Schumann              Facilitators: Sam Wormley   
                                                Pianist: Sue Haug  
                                                Special Music: Piano Trio

                   The life of Clara Schumann (wife of the great composer Robert Schumann)
                   was filled with tremendous joy and great tragedy. Through it all,
                   she was a loving wife and mother, a composer, and a famous concert
                   pianist. We'll hear more about her "balancing act" and the music she

          Feb  24  "A Sustainable Future        Speakers: Kari Cobler, Larry Ginter & Bob Uetz
                    for Rural Iowa?"            Facilitators: George Naylor, Duffie Lorr            
                                                Pianist: Cynthia Marten               
                                                Special Music: Cynthia Marten

                   Rural Iowans are faced with numerous challenges including declining 
                   farm prices, declining population, and factory farm pollution. During 
                   this presentation, we will discuss these issues and the efforts of 
                   Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement members to preserve and improve 
                   our rural communities.

                            March 2002
                       Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                                       1  2
                        3  4  5  6  7  8  9 <-- Sunday Morning Program
                       10 11 12 13 14 15 16     Committee Meeting at 10am
                       17 18 19 20 21 22 23 <-- Spring Break ISU, Ames Schools
                       24 25 26 27 28 29 30

                                                (773 256-3000 x232 chepokoski@meadville.edu)  
          Mar   3   "Ecological Integrity"      Speakers: Rev. Dr. Carol Hepokoski          
                                                Facilitators: Sam Wormley & Cindy Cory      
                                                Pianist: Carol Casavant
                                                Special Music: John Berquist

                    What does it mean to live with ecological integrity?  
                    This morning, Carol will share reflections from her 
                    environmental journey, focusing on recent work involving 
                    eco-justice and living in place.    

                    Spacial Treat: John Berquist Concert evening of March 3 (CANCELED)

          Mar  10   "The War on Terror Within"  Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger
                                                Facilitators: Roger Berger
                                                Pianist: Sue Haug, both services
                                                Special Music: Beethoven Trio (S. Haug, D. Haug, Carbrey)

                    Our nation's leadership has committed us to a "War on Terrorism". 
                    While I would not expect that we would have a single response to this
                    war, I hope that we will take the time to consider how we respond.  Part
                    of this response relates to ongoing strife within our own community and
                    the fears we have regarding each other.

          Mar  17   "Being Human in the 21st    Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger
                      Century"                  Facilitators: Cindy Cory 
                      Sacred stories with a     Pianist: 9 AM - Anne Kimber, 11 AM - Ginny Molgaard
                      humanist tradition?       Special Music:

                    Philosophers are calling the model for the 21st century human the
                    "cyborg". Some see this model as a wonderful release from old
                    stereotypes; others see it as the end of the human race.  We'll 
                    look at it through our optically enhanced glasses and see what 
                    we find.

          Mar  24   "Regulating the Global      Speakers: Toby Ewing & George Naylor
                    Economy--Where do people    Facilitators: Toby Ewing & George Naylor
                    and democracy fit in?"      Pianist: 9 AM - Cynthia Marten, 11 AM - Anne Kimber
                                                Special Music: Fellowship Voices

                    We will look at the social, economic, and environmental 
                    consequences of economic globalization and the institutions 
                    that are in charge of regulating international trade and

          Mar  31    "The Empty Tomb"           Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger
                     Easter                     Facilitators: Kay Puttock
                     All-Congregational         Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (both services)
                                                Special Music: Ed Carbrey and Peggy Earnshaw
                                                Special Music: Free Spirits

                     While this winter hasn't given us the usual sense of cold isolation
                     and darkness, spring is still a time when life rises from the seeming
                     death.  As we sense spring's pull toward resurrection in our lives,
                     what tomb are we walking out of and what new life are we opening
                     ourselves to?

                               April 2002
                          Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                              1  2  3  4  5  6 <-- Prairie Star District Meeting (Apr 5-7)
                           7  8  9 10 11 12 13     Gateway Center, UUFA Hosting
          Exchange -----> 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
          Ministers with  21 22 23 24 25 26 27
          1st Unitarian   28 29 30
          Des Moines  http://www.ucdsm.org/

          Apr   7   Note there is one single service this morning at 9:30 a.m. in the
                    Pioneer Room of the Hotel at Gateway Center. Our UUFA Service is
                    combined with the Sunday Morning Worship Service at the Prairie Star 
                    District Annual Conference and Meeting April. Please do join us,
                    one and all!  Child care will be provided.

          Apr   7   "In Search of Our Heart"    Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger, Linda Barns
                                                Facilitators: Linda Barns
                                                Pianist: Sue Haug
                                                Special Music: Piano Trio
                                                Special Music: Reggie Greenlaw & Blue Moon Players
                                                Special Music: Fellowship Voices & Conference Choir

                    We applaud diversity, we are proud of our pluralism, we foster
                    different spiritual paths in our congregations. With all of this 
                    wonderful difference, what keeps us together? Join us for a morning 
                    of music, stories and songs as we explore the elusive center at the 
                    heart of our Prairie Star District Unitarian Universalism.

          Apr  14   "Secrets of the Psychic"    Speakers: Rev. Mark Stringer
                                                Facilitators: Cynthia Marten, Barb Evenson
                                                Pianist: Cynthia Marten
                                                Special Music:

          Apr  21   "Earth Day Celebration"     Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger
                    All-Congregational          Facilitators: Duffie Lorr
                    Earth Day                   Pianist: Carol Casavant
                                                Special Music: Fellowship Voices (Spanish)

          Apr  28   "World Community: Theory,   Speakers: Laura Hatfield, Tammi Martin, Toby Ewing
                    Practical, Spiritual        Facilitators: Duffie Lorr & Jane Vallier
                                                Pianist:both services - Sue Haug
                                                Special Music: Piano Trio       

                    We look at the positive side of globalization from three 
                    perspectives: 1) the theory of how globalization should work;
                    2) the practical aspects of globalization as experienced at
                    "Worldly Goods" in Ames; and 3) the spiritual aspect of 
                    globalization and how we are all connected.

              May 2002
        Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                  1  2  3  4 <-- Sunday Morning Program 
         5  6  7  8  9 10 11     Committee Meeting at 10am
        12 13 14 15 16 17 18
        19 20 21 22 23 24 25
        26 27 28 29 30 31

          May   5   "Planning a Sacred          Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger
                      Summer"                   Facilitators: Barb Evenson & Sam Wormley
                                                Pianist: Sue Haug (9), Ginny Molgaard (11)
                                                Special Music:

                    As we begin to turn our thought toward summer adventures, what travels
                    lay before us?  How might we make something simple as a trip to the
                    neighborhood park or elaborate as a voyage across the ocean a religious
                    experience rather than just another tourist trip?  Join for some
                    thought on the importance of our travels.

          May  12   "Play On: Music Sunday"     Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger, Peggy Earnshaw
                    Mother's Day                Facilitators: Duffie Lorr
                    Fine Arts Program           Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (if needed)
                                                Special Music: Fine Arts Program

                    Shakespeare wrote "If Music be the food of love, play on." Music provides
                    sustenance in the hearing and playing. We'll gather together our talents
                    and tales of music and life as we celebrate Mother's Day. Our offertory
                    this Sunday will benefit Fellowship music programs.

          May  19   "Coming of Age Sunday"      Speakers: Cindy Cory & Dallas Thies  
                    Coming of Age               Facilitators: Cindy Cory & Dallas Thies
                                                Pianist: Reggie Greenlaw to accompany if needed
                                                Special Music: Reggie Greenlaw, guitar 

                    Join our Coming of Age youth as they describe their journey through the
                    program. Special offertory for the Boston Bound Youth.

          May  26   "And We Remember Them"      Speakers: Rev Brian Eslinger
                    Memorial Day                Facilitators: Sam Wormley
                                                Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (9) Anne Kimber (11)
                                                Special Music: 

                    Remembering people who have died is an important part of human life. We
                    remember both to grieve and to celebrate. Join us for a time of reflection
                    on the lives lost during the past year. Our service will include special
                    memorial candle lighting.

        Transition to single 10am service to two services at 9am and 11am
                       June 2002
                   S  M Tu  W Th  F  S   
                                     1 <-- Sunday Morning Program
                   2  3  4  5  6  7  8     Committee Meeting at 10am
                   9 10 11 12 13 14 15     (Brian, Duffie gone)
                  16 17 18 19 20 21 22
                  23 24 25 26 27 28 29

          June  2    "Spring's Celebration"     Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
                   [First One Service Sunday]   Facilitators: Sam Wormley
                      All Congregational        Special Music: Fellowship Voices, etc.
                      Outdoor Festival - Flower Communion?

                   We'll take our service to the out-of-doors this Sunday as we head to
                   Emma McCarthy Lee Park for a celebration of spring's arrival. One
                   Service will be held at 10 AM. Feel free to bring lawn chairs or 
                   blankets for you seeing comfort. 

                   Hold at Fellowship as it will be raining! Natl Weather Service ETA Model

          June  9   "Mary Richards Brunch"  No Service                                      

                   In order to foster the occurrence of the annual Mary Richards
                   Brunch, the committee would like to recommend the following:

                    o  that there be no formal UUFA service on the Sunday of
                       the brunch.

                    o  that the Mary Richards Brunch be held in the month of
                       June, citing cooler weather and to aid in the transition
                       from two services during the regular year, to the single
                       services of the summer.

                    o  that the Mary Richards Brunch be scheduled on the
                       Fellowship calendar at least 90-120 days in advance
                       to aid in the planning of Fellowship services.

                    o  that the Sunday Morning Program Committee be responsible
                       for posting a person(s) at the Fellowship on the morning of
                       the annual Mary Richards Brunch (and any other time that
                       services will not be held at the Fellowship) so as to
                       greet visitors and steer them properly to the location where
                       we are meeting.  This, bye the way, is how Benette Sherman
                       came to be involved in the Fellowship.  She showed up one
                       morning during the Mary Richards Brunch, and as luck would
                       have it, some kind soul happened to be at the Fellowship
                       and gave her directions.

                    o  that the Sunday Morning Program Committee foster better
                       relationships with the organizing committee(ies) and/or
                       individuals involved with planning.

          June 16  "Hunger Banquet"?            Speakers: Clark Ford, et al
                   Service with regular         Facilitators: Toby Ewing, Roger Berger, et al
                   service elements, but the    Pianist: Ginny Molgaard      
                   primary deliverable is the   Special Music:
                   Hunger Banquet, itself. 

          June 23  "Stick and Ball and the      Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger 
                      American Psyche"          Facilitators: Roger Berger & Kay Puttock?
                                                Pianist: Anne Kimber     
                                                Special Music:

                   Thanks to the passion of my ten-year-old son, I've become
                   immersed in the world of baseball this spring.  During this
                   immersion I've learned how our "American pastime" mirrors and
                   mimics movements in society as a whole and am asking myself,
                   "What does the current game say about us?" Join me in my 
                   ponderings about the game and life.

          June 30  "Opossum Wisdom"             Speakers: Joel Severinghaus (1st Unitarian)
                                                Facilitators: Kay Puttock, Kelly Arbuckle
                                                Pianist: Ginny Molgaard    
                                                Special Music:

                   Musings on the tao of marsupials by a former wildlife rehabilitator. 
                   Tube-feeding litters of orphaned baby opossums at 2:00 a.m. prompts 
                   reflection on man's relationship to our animal elders, what the wild 
                   creatures who live among us can teach us about life and death, and the
                   advantages of motherhood with a pouch. Come learn about the natural 
                   history of these unusual critters, ponder opossum philosophy, and 
                   listen to opossum mythology from the Aztecs. Hold an opossum skull in 
                   your hand, gaze upon it like Hamlet at poor Yorick, and recall the 
                   words of cartoon hero Pogo 'Possum: "We has met the enemy, and he is us."

                  S  M Tu  W Th  F  S   
                     1  2  3  4  5  6  
                  7  8  9 10 11 12 13  
                 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
                 21 22 23 24 25 26 27  
                 28 29 30 31           

          Jul   7  "Asking a Stone to Talk"     Speakers: Toby Ewing, et al     
                                                Facilitators: Sam Wormley
                                                Pianist: Mimi Ho (student of Sue Haug, make contact through Sue)    
                                                Special Music:

                   We modern humans have a conflicted relationship with
                   nature.  We love it and then spend our lives indoors; we
                   anthropomorphize it and then attempt to subdue it; we ask it
                   to reveal divinity to us and then ignore it.  How have we
                   seen nature historically, and what would a healthy
                   relationship look like?  Musing on nature, with
                   contributions from authors Annie Dillard, Michael Pollan,
                   and others.                          

          Jul  14  TBD                          Speakers: Fred & Jane Vallier
                   Star Island Pilgrimages      Facilitators: Duffie Lorr
                                                Pianist: Sue Haug    
                                                Special Music: 

          Jul  21  "If It Stands Still,         Speakers: Cindy Cory & Kelly Arbuckle
                      Paint it"                 Facilitators: Kelly Arbuckle
                                                Special Music:

                   This program focuses on the goddess Aphrodite and her 
                   affection for transformations. We will be discussing the
                   energy produced  through the transformational event in both
                   humans and materials  available in the physical world, eg.
                   paint colors. Every person will have an opportunity to 
                   transform a canvas. 

          Jul  28  "Voices and Visions"         Speakers: Guest Speaker from 1st Unitarian
                                                Facilitators: Laura Hatfield
                                                Pianist: Anne Kimber     
                                                Special Music:

                   An exploration of the various claims over the years from St. Patrick,
                   Joan of Arc, Carl Jung and others who have experienced mystical moments.
                   Perhaps some parts of the brain are almost "wired" for these kinds of
                   experiences--our guest speaker will share some recent research in
                   neurobiology supporting such a theory. Come and ponder these phenomena
                   and their meanings, along with the different ways different times and
                   cultures deal with such claims.

                                 S  M Tu  W Th  F  S   
          Kay, Cindy, Kelly                  1  2  3 <-- Sunday Morning Program
          ---------------------> 4  5  6  7  8  9 10     Committee meeting
          First Unitarian       11 12 13 14 15 16 17   
          Des Moines            18 19 20 21 22 23 24   
                                25 26 27 28 29 30 31   

          Aug   4 "Dog Days of Summer:          Speakers: Sam Wormley                      
                    Reflections on Life"        Facilitators: Toby Ewing
                                                Pianist: Mimi Ho (student of Sue Haug, make contact through Sue)    
                                                Special Music:

                  "DOG DAYS" is the name for the most sultry period of summer,
                  from about July 3 to Aug. 11. Named in early times by
                  observers in countries bordering the Mediterranean, the
                  period was reckoned by the conjunction of Sirius (the dog
                  star) and the Sun. We regard Winter as a time of renewal
                  before the "return" of the Sun and the new life of spring.
                  Similarly the Dog Days of Summer offer contemplation and
                  renewal as we head toward renewed activities that come with
                  each autumn. This program includes congregational reflection
                  and discussion.

          Aug  11 "Only you can make a          Speakers: Laura Hatfield, et al
                    Cow Path"                   Facilitators: Sam Wormley 
             corporation vs consumer            Pianist: Sue Haug     
                  order vs chaos                Special Music:

                 Walk along some new mental cow paths in this program, as we
                 explore the fine line between destructive shortcuts and
                 democratic choice.  We'll look at the role of worn paths in
                 society, our brains, business models, spirituality and public

          Aug  18 "UUism in Great Brittan"      Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger               
                                                Facilitators: Cindy Cory
                                                Pianist: Mimi Ho    
                                                Special Music: 

          Aug  25 "To tell the Truth"           Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger 
                                                Facilitators: Kelly Arbuckle
                                                Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw    
                                                Special Music:

                S  M Tu  W Th  F  S            
                1  2  3  4  5  6  7 <-- Sunday Morning Program            
                8  9 10 11 12 13 14     Committee meeting (partially)       
               15 16 17 18 19 20 21     with the Music Committee       
               22 23 24 25 26 27 28            
               29 30                           

          Sep   1  "Changing Universe: What     Speakers: Sam wormley           
                    do we mean, changing?"      Facilitators: Roger Berger   
                                                Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw
                                                Special Peggy Earnshaw

                As mankind's knowledge has grown, so has our perspective on where we
                are and what our place is. Four hundred years ago, Copernicus, Kepler
                and Galileo removed us from the center of creation. Modern cosmology is
                taking us on the most exciting voyage in human history. Far from
                diminishing our wonder at the Universe, this modern story of Genesis
                surpasses even our wildest speculations. Consider the simple words of
                Genesis: "Let there be light." A more succinct, more cogent depiction
                of the Primeval Cosmic Fireball known as the Big Bang cannot be

        Transition from single 10am service to two services at 9am and 11am

          Sep   8   "Water Communion: Well      Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
                      Springs an Sources"       Facilitators: Annette Rowley
                    [Children - 1st 15 min]     Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (9 AM), Ginny Molgaard (11 AM)
                                                Special Music:

                We will bring water from backyard swimming pools, local lakes and rivers
                or from distant pilgrimages, the various sources of nourishment during our
                summer, for our water communion. We'll reflect upon what sources of
                sustenance are for our spiritual lives and our Unitarian Universalist
                tradition. This will be our first two service Sunday of the fall,
                returning to 9am and 11am services an RE classes.                               

          Sep  11   Special Noon Hour Service   Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger                           
                                                Facilitators: Sam Wormley 

          Sep  15   "An Act of Faith"           Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
                                                Facilitators: Barb Evenson
                                                Pianist: Peter Mayer, Cynthia Marten
                                                Special Music: Peter Mayer

                One year ago we gathered to mourn an act of hate. Living in the shadow
                of that act, we are continually called to engage in an act of faith. To
                heed this call means a constant process of discernment. What is faith? 
                What is our faith? We'll explore these question and their implications
                in our lives in post 9/11 America. Peter Mayer will be our special 
                guest musician.

                Also, John Snyder, architect from Story Construction, will present
                concept drawings for our proposed building addition between services
                in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is encouraged to attend.                               

          Sep  22   "Embracing Autumn"          Speakers: Toby Ewing, Kelly Arbuckle & Sam Wormley
                                                Facilitators: Toby Ewing, Kelly Arbuckle & Sam Wormley
                    [Children - 1st 15 min]     Pianist: None Required
                                                Special Music: Reggie (original compositions)

                The equinox marks a point of tradition between the growing season and
                the harvest. The autumnal transitions of our lives (such as retirement)
                are marked by both joy of the harvest and sadness at the transition, plus
                the decisions of what to leave behind and what to store. Join us in a
                celebration of seasonal transitions.

          Sep  29   "What Will We Worship?"     Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
                                                Facilitators: Cindy Cory
                                                Pianist: Sue Haug (both services)
                                                Special Music: Horn Trio (Haug, Larry Burkhalter, Pam Schwab)

                "Worship" is one of those words about which we debate. Is it something
                we do, or not? Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, "A person will worship something."
                We will explore the character and practice of worship in the context in which
                Emerson places it, not seeking a final answer but further illumination.

                   October 2002
               Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                      1  2  3  4  5 <-- Sunday Morning Program       
                6  7  8  9 10 11 12     Committee meeting (partially)
               13 14 15 16 17 18 19     with the Music Committee
               20 21 22 23 24 25 26
               27 28 29 30 31

          Oct   6  "Wholeness and Holiness"     Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
                                                Facilitators: Amy Hassinger
                    [Children - 1st 15 min]     Pianist: Cynthia Marten (9) Peggy Earnshaw (11)
                                                Special Music: Danny Apatiga, piano 

               We will mark the beginning of "coming Out Week" with a exploration
               in music, poetry and words of what it means to be a whole person. We
               will also pose the question, "We became a welcoming congregation four 
               years ago, now what?"

          Oct  13   "Our Common Ground: A       Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger & Jim Scott
                    Green Sanctuary"            Facilitators: Ken Lane        
                                                Pianist: Jim Scott   
                                                Special Music: Jim Scott 

               Join this inspirational kick off of our "Green Sanctuary" program as
               UU singer/song writer Jim Scott brings his special musical talents to
               help enliven this festive day.  See the Green Corner of the newsletter
               for more information.

          Oct  20   "A Visitor From Afar"       Speakers: Rev. Lajos Lorinczi and Rev. Brian Eslinger
                    [Children - 1st 15 min]     Facilitators: Roger Berger
                     Orff Fans                  Pianist: Cynthia Marten (9), Peggy Earnshaw (11)                           
                                                Special Music: Orff Fans" (directed by C. Marten)
                                                Offertory: Women in the Round (2 pieces)*
                                                *should be toward the end of the service

               Please come and help welcome Rev. Lajos Lorinczi, the minister from our partner
               church in Transylvania, as he begins his visit to Iowa by joining us on Sunday
               morning. We will have the opportunity to share our Fellowship hospitality with
               him as he shares Transylvanian Unitarianism with us.

          Oct  27  "Who are we? Why are we?"    Speakers: Laura Hatfield              
                                                Facilitators: Anna Foley  
                    (Fall Back)                 Pianist: Peggy Earnshaw (9), Ginny Molgaard (11)                                    
                                                Offertory & Special Music: Barb Evenson, harp                         

               As scientific knowledge expands, identity formation seems to be an even more
               complex process than imagined.  A mixture of genetics, psychology, peers,
               culture and family combine to form our intricate self-identity. What role do
               we have in this process and how do these predetermined factors play out in
               our lives? We'll take a closer look at who we are and why.

                     November 2002
                 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
                                 1  2 <-- Sunday Morning Program (Laura, Kelly out of town)
                  3  4  5  6  7  8  9     Committee meeting (partially)
                 10 11 12 13 14 15 16     with the Music Committee
                 17 18 19 20 21 22 23  Brian in Iowa City Nov 17
                 24 25 26 27 28 29 30  Thanksgiving is Thursday the 28th

          Nov  3  "Day of the Dead Celebration" Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger & Deb Kline DRE
                   All Congregational           Facilitators: Roger Berger
                                                Pianist: Bonnie Bowen (both)
                                                Special Music: Blue Moon Players

               As the season changes in the Fall, many people remember their 
               ancestors and loved ones during festivals called "Day of the Dead".
               Join us in our second celebration of this festival as we share
               songs, stories and food. Feel free to bring a photograph or 
               memento of a departed loved one for our alter of remembrance.                            

          Nov  10  "Rethinking Religion and     Speakers: Hector Avalos, Prof. Religious Studies at ISU
                         Violence"              Facilitators: Roger Berger   
                                                Pianist: Sue Haug (both)   
                                                Special Music: UUFA Piano Trio

               Since September 11, 2001, many scholars have been exploring anew
               the relationship between religion and violence. Some thinkers
               see violence as a corruption of religion. Others see violence
               as an inherent part of religion. Dr. Avalos will present briefly
               a new theory he has been developing as he compares how different
               religions explain violence in their scriptures.

          Nov  17  "Meditations on Grace"       Speakers: Amy Hassinger, Linda Barnes, Annette Rowley
           Brian has many readings available    Facilitators: Amy Hassinger, Linda Barnes, Annette Rowley
                    [Children - 1st 15 min]     Pianist: Sue Haug (both)     
                                                Special Music: Dan Haug, oboe

               What do we mean by Grace? What is it to experience a moment of
               grace? Join us for an exploration of the many facets of grace, from
               its theological definition to the way it manifests itself in our
               personal lives. Note: Rev. Eslinger will be speaking in Iowa City
               this morning.                                    

          Nov  24  "Giving Thanks"              Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
                   All Congregational           Facilitators: Linda Barnes
                                                Pianist: Reggie Greenlaw, guitar     
                                                Special Music: Reggie Greenlaw, guitar

               In this season of harvest, how do we show our gratitude to the
               earth for the bounty we reap? How do we show gratitude to the
               people in our lives for the gifts of their presence? How do we
               show gratitude for the ideals of our forbears for the guidance
               offered? Join in this exploration of giving thanks.

                   December 2002
               Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
        	1  2  3  4  5  6  7 <-- Sunday Morning Program
        	8  9 10 11 12 13 14     Committee meeting (Barn, Erv gone)
               15 16 17 18 19 20 21
               22 23 24 25 26 27 28
               29 30 31

	 Dec   1  "War an Peace: A Dialogue"   Speakers:  Rev. Brian Eslinger
                  Single Service @10am         Facilitators: Roger Berger
                                               Pianist: Cynthia Marten
                   No RE:                      Special Music: Cynthia Marten 

	       Our nation has a long history of waging war and seeking peace.
	       We are in that position again. What path will we choose? Join in
	       dialogue on this important issue as I will offer reflections
	       from religious traditions and we will all be pert of the

	 Dec   8  "Being Human: a Learner's    Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
                       Manual"                 Facilitators: Kelly Poole
                                               Pianist: Sue Haug (both)
                   Young Adult Sunday          Special Music: UUFA Piano Trio

	       The old punch line in the joke about parenthood is that babies
	       don't come with an instruction manual. How can we learn to be fully
	       compassionately human when there are such strong pressures to be 
	       otherwise? We'll explore what both Eastern and Western traditions
	       might offer for our own instruction manual.

	 Dec  15  "The Rights of Conscience"   Speakers: Ruth David, Rev. Brian Eslinger, & David DenHaan
                                               Facilitators: Sam Wormley
                  [Children - 1st 15 min]      Pianist: None Needed
                                               Offertory or Special Music: Women in the Round (Frost)
                                               Special Music: Blue Moon Players

	       Seeking to promote our first principle, the inherent worth and
	       dignity of every person, is also the mission of Amnesty International.
	       For more than 40 years Amnesty International has been involved in the 
	       struggle for Human Rights.	Ruth David, local Amnesty International
	       member and one of the original 1961 London AI members, will discuss
	       how this Nobel Prize winning, grassroots organization has mobilized 
	       the voices of compassionate, concerned individuals to help those less
	       fortunate realize their inherit worth as individuals.			     

	 Dec  22  "Stories of the Season"      Speakers: Rev. Brian Eslinger
                  All Congregational Service   Facilitators: Kelly Poole (Linda Barnes backup)
                                               Special Music: Barb Evenson, harp 

	       Join us as we recount tales from the many traditions for whom this
	       time of year is special. Along with favorite Christmas carols, we'll
	       sing songs from other traditions as well. Return "Guest at your Table"
	       boxes this Sunday. Child Dedication(s) today.

	 Dec  29  "Reflection & Resolution"    Speakers: Toby Ewing & Sam Wormley
                  Single Service @10am         Facilitators: Toby Ewing & Sam Wormley
                  [Children - 1st 15 min]      Pianist:     
                  Congregational Discussion    Special Music: Reggie Greenlaw (possibly)

               Congregational Discussion is at the heart of this single service at 
	       the end of the year. During this time of reflection and resolution, 
	       Toby, Sam, and Reggie will facilitate with music and stories, the 
	       transition from the past to the  future of our changing lives.