dSLR Camera - Photography Field Trips

  dSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses, zoom, and aperture
  control offer photographers great control. This course
  concentrates on visualization and how to use your camera to
  help you be a better photographer. We will explore
  visualization, perspective, composition, color balance, and
  light quality. It is said that amateur photographers worry
  about having good enough equipment, that professional
  photographers worry about satisfying their editors and
  making money, and that master photographers worry about the

  We will spend our first hour and a half reviewing each
  other's images and course materials, followed by shooting
  photographs as a group at nearby city and county parks.

  Flash drives will be provided to share images with each
  other in classes.

Photography Field Trips -- dSLR Camera Basics

Photography Field Trips -- Composition

Photography Field Trips -- Lighting

Photography Field Trips -- Post Image Processing