Using iPhone and iPad without Vision -- VoiceOver

  Janet Cheng: Wants to start a low vision support group in
  conjunction with the Iowa Department for the Blind, and a
  one day workshop on using voice-over to be offered by
  Barbara Weigecl, also from the Iowa Department for the

Tripple Click to Toggle VoiceOver
  Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut
  Select VoiceOver
Quadruple Click with three fingers to turn Screen Off


  VoiceOver features a virtual control called the rotor.
  Turning the rotor -- by rotating two fingers on the screen
  as if you were turning an actual dial -- changes the way
  VoiceOver moves through a web page or document based on the
  setting you choose. When you're on a web page, turn the
  rotor to hear settings like "headings," "links," and
  "images." Then flick to choose how you navigate the page --
  for example, you can skip from one heading to the next. Move
  through documents with similar ease. The rotor has settings
  like "word" or "character" that let you choose how to
  navigate your text, which comes in handy for checking
  spelling and grammar. You can customize the rotor elements
  from a variety of options, including language.

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