Voyages of Discovery: Copernicus to the Big Bang                  

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  The Galactic Center - A Radio Mystery


  Monster of the Milky Way  58:30

    ANDREA GHEZ: So, in fact, we can see this flaring activity, where
    we think we we're seeing matter fall into the black hole. And just
    a few minutes later it was absolutely gone.

    NARRATOR: This now-you-see-it-now-you-don't flash of light is an
    explosion of energy, produced when matter rushes toward the black
    hole and some escapes.


    ANDREA GHEZ: We were taking measurements, and you didn't see
    anything from the black hole. All you saw was a star, and then,
    bam, it was there, and bright. And 15 minutes later, it was gone.
    So that was our moment to make the measurement, and it was
    extremely exciting to know that we had actually been able to catch

    NARRATOR: The teams are thrilled to capture a handful of flares at
    the heart of the Milky Way. But they're just snacks, nothing
    compared to the giant jets seen in distant galaxies. What's more,
    they're looking like rare events. There's simply not enough matter
    near our black hole to provide a large, continuing feast.

    It seems, at least for now, the giant's plate is empty.

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