An Illustrated Guide to Relativity

Relativity in the Global Positioning System

Relativistic Effects on Satellite Clocks


Gobal positioning System Resources

Some Recommended Smart Phone Apps making Use of GPS
Emerald Chronometer (Geolocation, NTP)

NOAA Wx Center (Geolocation)

SkySafari Pro (Geolocation, NTP, Auto Updates)

Planisphere (Star Map)

Find My Phone (Geolocation)

FCC Mobile Broadband Test (Geolocation)

Speedtest.nert App (Geolocation)

Apple Maps (Geolocation)

Offline Topo Maps (Geolocation)

Peak Finder USA West (Geolocation)

Topo Profiler (Geolocation)

Waze social GPS traffic & gas (Geolocation)

Altitude (GPS, Geolocation)

Aircraft Altimeter (GPS)

Orienteering Compass (geolocation to determine declination offset)

GPS Location (GPS)

Basic GPS (GPS)

Commander Compass