Cell Phone Camera - Photography Field Trips

  Cell phone cameras cannot hope to compete with dSLR cameras
  with interchangeable lenses, zoom, and aperture control, yet
  cell phone cameras are being used to create outstanding
  images by the likes of National Geographic photographers.
  This course concentrates on how to deal with the limitations
  and take advantage of the strengths to help you be a better
  cell phone photographer. We will also explore visualization,
  perspective, composition, color balance, and light quality.

  We will spend our first hour and a half reviewing each
  other's images and course materials, followed by shooting
  photographs as a group at nearby city and county parks.
  iPhones connect directly to the overhead projector for 
  sharing our photos with each other.

Photography Field Trips -- Cell Phone Camera Basics

Photography Field Trips -- Composition

Photography Field Trips -- Lighting

Photography Field Trips -- Post Image Processing