ISU Women's Club Exploring Photography
Smart Phone Photography

National Geographic: Tips for Better iPhone Photography

National Geographic photographer explores iPhone images

Advantages of Smart Phone Cameras
  o Easy to carry, always with you
  o Less expensive equipment
  o Cellular Uploading on the fly
  o HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  o New (and better) models each year

Advantages of dSLR Cameras
  o Choice of Focal Length, via interchangeable lenses and zoom
  o Control of Aperture
  o Big Glass

Principles of Composition are the Same

Principles of Lighting are the Same

Tips for Mastering iPhone Photography

iPhoneography 101: Essential iPhone Camera Apps

Best iPhoneography of the week

Basic Photography: A Set of Exercises

Photography Tutorials

Book Recommendations

John Berger
  About Looking
  Pantheon (1980)
  ISBN: 0679736557

  As a novelist, art critic, and cultural historian, John
  Berger is a writer of dazzling eloquence and arresting
  insight whose work amounts to a subtle, powerful critique of
  the canons of our civilization. In About Looking he explores
  our role as observers to reveal new layers of meaning in
  what we see. How do the animals we look at in zoos remind us
  of a relationship between man and beast all but lost in the
  twentieth century? What is it about looking at war
  photographs that doubles their already potent violence? How
  do the nudes of Rodin betray the threats to his authority
  and potency posed by clay and flesh? And how does solitude
  inform the art of Giacometti? In asking these and other
  questions, Berger quietly -- but fundamentally -- alters the
  vision of anyone who reads his work.

Leslie Stroebel, Hollis Todd, Richard Zakia
  Visual Concepts for Photographers
  Focal Press Limited (1980)
  ISBN: 0240510259