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  Effects of Aperture

    Manipulation of depth of field is a good way to modify
    the characteristics of your photo, and manipulating the
    aperture is the ideal way to do this because it has
    little or no effect on composition. You simply need to
    change the shutter speed (or change the light
    sensitivity, ISO setting) to compensate for the changes
    in the exposure from the adjustments to the f-number.
    Changes in distance and focal length also affect DOF, but
    these changes have trade-offs in terms of composition.


  Understanding aperture -- and how it can help your photography

    "Photographers know that one of the characteristics that
    separates photographic imaging from drawing or painting
    is the matter of focus".

    "The lens introduces an opportunity for selectivity in
    image-making, portraying objects in the near field and
    background with a special kind of de-emphasis: out of
    focus. Observant photographers have noticed that not all
    lenses are created equal: large aperture lenses show
    strong out-of-focus effects while small-aperture lenses
    lead simply to a softening of the image. And even among
    lenses of equal focal length and aperture, there are
    differences. The Japanese apparently refer to the quality
    of the out-of-focus image as 'bokeh'. What is bokeh, and
    why are lenses different from one another"?


  Effects of Shutter Speed
    Controlling Shutter Speed
    Introduction to Shutter Speed in Digital Photography
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  Manual, Aperture and Shutter Priority modes explained

  Photographing birds in flight

  Photographing moving water

  Photographing the "Decisive Moment""decisive-moment"/

  Creative use of focal length

  Landscape Excellence

  Lost your Photo Mojo? Ten Tips to Bring Back the Magic

    You really can challenge yourself to try new things in
    photography. There are enough linked resources in these
    handouts to last years.

    One goal is to know your camera equipment well enough to
    keep the camera from getting in your way, so you can
    concentrate on the composition, perspective and lighting.
    Play with the light. Play with the shadows. Create
    emotion! | Photography Courses & Tutorials

  Book Recommendations

    Ansel Adams
    The Camera
    Publisher: Bulfinch (June 1, 1995)
    ISBN-10: 0821221841

    Beaumont Newhall
    History of Photography: From 1839 to the Present (Paperback)
    Publisher: Bulfinch; Revised edition (October 30, 1982)
    ISBN-10: 0870703811