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  Basic Principals of Stereo Photography, using a single camera

            Right Image                    Left Image

    Why take just one picture when you can easily make a
    stereo pair? Expand your photographic repertoire into the
    world of stereo imaging.

            Right Image                    Left Image

    A stereo pair consists of two pictures, one for the left
    eye and one for the right. Even though the two pictures
    may look very similar, they're not identical. During
    viewing, the left eye sees the left image and the right
    eye the right; then the brain fuses the two so you
    perceive depth.

  Bela Julesz
    Foundations of Cyclopean Perception
    The MIT Press; 1 edition (March 31, 2006)
    ISBN-10: 0262101130
    ISBN-13: 978-0262101134

    This classic work on cyclopean perception has influenced a
    generation of vision researchers, cognitive scientists, and
    neuroscientists and has inspired artists, designers, and
    computer graphics pioneers. 


  Photojournalism Ethics

  Essential steps when photo editing
    Show Image before and after editing


  GIMP vs. Photoshop: Which One Is Better For You?

    If you want to create a website or blog, or share
    interesting photos on Facebook and other social media
    sites, you need to use an image-editing program. GIMP and
    Photoshop are two of the best image-editing programs
    available, and they each have some unique advantages.
    We'll talk below about the things that each program is
    particularly good at, so that you will feel confident
    about choosing the right one for your needs.

    Whatever your image-editing needs, and whether you are a
    web design professional or just a Facebook user who wants
    to post awesome photos online, one of these two excellent
    programs will be perfect for you.


  GIMP (Open Source similar to PhotoShop)

  Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or both?

  Ken Rockwell: JPG vs Raw: Get it Right the First Time

  How does a high-end smartphone camera compare to a $3,400 DSLR?

   We've also demonstrated--pretty amply, I believe-that the
   skill of a photographer matters more than the equipment.
   This is pretty obvious because even with that expensive
   DSLR, the images I make aren't anywhere near as good as the
   images that can be banged out by a more skilled
   photographer. In fact, one of the most extreme examples of
   just how far skill trumps equipment was put together by
   DigitalRev TV and features BAFTA-winning cinematographer
   Philip Bloom attempting to scrabble together a movie using
   a 240p-resolution Barbie Video Girl camera. The results are
   surprisingly good--far better than most folks could
   probably manage even with a much better camera.

   So raise your iPhones up high and snap away--unless you
   need to spend a lot on a camera, you're almost certainly
   fine. Step away from automatic shooting and learn the
   camera's settings a bit, maybe, but don't feel like you
   need to spend thousands to take better pictures. Instead,
   remember this photography aphorism: "Amateurs worry about
   gear; professionals worry about money; masters worry about