The Webb Space Telescope: Insane Engineering and Scientific Hopes

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a large infrared
telescope with a 6.5 meter primary mirror, will study
every phase in the history of our Universe.

Primary Atributes
  o L2 Location
  o Sun, Earth, Moon Shield
  o Passive Cooling to 39 K and Active Cooling to 6.5 K
  o State of the Art Image Processing
  o State of the Art Positioning and Stability

EXPLORE DEPLOYMENTS Deployment Overview (image) Full (Mechanical) Deployment Video (2 min) Explore Deployments (Current Deployment) First Light (3 min)


INSANE ENGINEERING AND SCIENTIFIC HOPES GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT WEBB WEBB'S ORBIT LaGrange_Points.png (2 min) (20 sec) WEBB'S MIRRORS WEBB'S INSTRUMENTS & TECHNOLOGY Insane Engineering Video (13:08-17:16) (19:48-26:10) WEBB SCIENCE Webb has four mission science goals: o Search for the first galaxies or luminous objects that formed after the Big Bang. o Determine how galaxies evolved from their formation until the present. o Observe the formation of stars from the first stages to the formation of planetary systems. o Measure the physical and chemical properties of planetary systems and investigate the potential for life in those systems. BASIC SCIENCE