Apple Resources - VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  A VPN secures your device's internet connection to guarantee
  that all data you are sending and receiving is encrypted 
  and secure from prying eyes, even from your ISP and reduces
  tracking by hiding your IP Address. Excellent VPN services:
  ExpressVPN, NordVPN. VPN Reviews from Top10VPN.

Secure Networks Cellular connections, such as Smart Phones and Hotspots (not using WiFi), are encrypted and SECURE.

Unsecure Public Networks Public networks such as WiFi at Universities, Airports, Hotels, Doctor's offices, Hospitals, Libraries, Coffee Shops, etc. ARE NOT SECURE. You have to assume there are bad guys on those networks harvesting EVERYTHING you say, type and read. In order to protect your privacy (and security) on a public network use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). What about retirement communities and apartment complexes? See what devices are on the network you are currently on: Mac: LanScan iPhone/iPad: Net Analyser Pro