Apple Resources - Security Apps

AppCleaner (for Mac)

  AppCleaner is a small application which allows you to
  thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps. Installing an
  application distributes many files throughout your System
  using space of your Hard Drive unnecessarily. AppCleaner
  finds all these small files and safely deletes them.

CleanMyMac X (not free, but excellent) 
  Thoroughly uninstalls unwanted apps. 

MALWARE DETECTION AND REMOVAL Malwarebytes Proven Malwarebytes technology crushes the growing threat of Mac malware, including thorough malware, spyware, and virus removal. Finally, cybersecurity smart enough for the Mac. CleanMyMac X (not free, but excellent) Some malware agents mask themselves as normal software, some work stealthily underneath the macOS facade. CleanMyMac X will scan your Mac, folder by folder, to block all harmful activity. It fights adware, ransomware, cryptocurrency miners - including the very recent threats that are specific to macOS.

SECURITY TOOLS Patrick Wardle -- Objective-see Security Tools (free) Objective-See was created to provide simple, yet effective macOS security tools. Always free of charge - no strings attached! Howard Oakley - The Eclectic Light Company SilentKnight - A replacement for LockRattler to perform its assessments and check whether your Mac is up to date automatically. Checks EFI firmware, security settings and data files, and has both a summary Help page and a detailed reference. Update adds support for firmware checks on Apple Studio Displays. LockRattler checks your Mac's basic security systems are active, reports version numbers of security configuration files which are active, the latest updates installed, and makes it easy to check for and install updates. Ideal for checking that SIP is enabled, and it has Apple's latest silent security updates. Update adds support for Studio Display firmware check.