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Constellation Status (USAF) - The Global Positioning System (GPS), like the internet, is global utility! Operated by the dedicated men and women of the 2nd Space Operations Squadron (2 SOPS) at Schriever AFB, CO (formerly Falcon AFB), GPS is also the world's largest military satellite constellation. 2 SOPS has three missions: global navigation, time transfer, and nuclear detection.
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GPS Satellite Tracking
Current GPS Satellite Data (NIMA) - The following satellite information is provided by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Satellite Geodesy Team. This information is supplied for all who have an interest in GPS.
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USCG Navigation Center 1   provides quality navigation services that promote safe transportation, support the commerce of the United States, and directly benefit  world-wide international trade.   As a Center of Navigation Excellence, NAVCEN is proud to be at the forefront of United States transportation and navigation initiatives, leading the nation and the international maritime communities into the Twenty-First Century.   Also see GPS Timing Data & Information (USNO).   And Time.

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Differential GPS (DGPS),   WAAS

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USFS GPS Information Page & Receiver Performance Reports  
FAA - Latest GPS PAN Report (PDF)
FAA - Latest WAAS PAN Report (PDF)
Updated Civil GPS Performance Standard (Oct 2008) (PDF)
GPS Accuracy Web Pages   from the National Geodetic Survey (NGS)

GPS Accuracy Monitor   by Dennis Milbert
Garmin Accuracy Report   by Wolfgang Rupprecht
Circular Error Probable   by Logan Scott
Garmins 25LP OEM Receiver Tested   by Storm Van Leeuwen S.
GPS Accuracy Web Pages   by David L. Wilson
Estimation of Trimble Scoutmaster DGPS Performance (1997)   by Sam Wormley

GPS - Accuracy Statistics (PPS) (more)  
GPS - perf_reports archive  

IGDG (Internet-based Global Differential GPS) is a uniquely powerful and flexible C-language software package that provides a complete end-to-end system capability for GPS-based real-time positioning and orbit determination.

STORM Time Empirical Ionospheric Correction Model
Real time interface to compute neutral atmosphere delay in GPS measurement
GPS Networks and Ionospheric Systems Development (JPL)



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