Astronomical Algorithms, Calculations & Software

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Astronomical Calculations - These pages are for providing formulae and programs to calculate the approximate positions of solar system objects. I would welcome feedback on these pages, and any hints or tips you have accumulated. I can be contacted at My main focus will be on simple calculations which can be programmed on a cheap programmable calculator.

Planetarium Software 2 - Thank you Bill Arnett!

XEphem - The scientific-grade interactive astronomical ephemeris software package

o Aviation Formulary   by Ed Williams
o Astronomical Software on Linux
o Astronomy Software Servers
o Geodetic Location
o Linux Astronomy HOWTO - This document shares tips and resources to utilize Linux solutions in the pursuit of Astronomy
o Martindale's Online Calculators
o Modern High-Accuracy Ephemerides (for use by professionals)
o Orbital Elements  
o Radiometry and Photometry in Astronomy   by Paul Schlyter
o U.S. Naval Observatory - Data Services



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